OPERATOR'S MANUAL Cleaning/Maintenance Instructions

It is IMPORTANT to follow cleaning and maintenance instructions and procedures to ensure satisfactory performance of your Hot Hold® Dry Moist Food Warmer.  Neglecting these instructions and procedures may result in reduced food holding times, reduced performance and reliability and may void the warranty.

CAUTION:  Allow the Equipment to cool down sufficiently before performing any cleaning or maintenance procedures.  Failure to do so could result in personal injury to employees and operators.

WARNING:  Disconnect power supply before cleaning Equipment.  Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury.


Step 1:     After completion of the last food holding cycle of the day, unplug Equipment and allow Equipment to cool down sufficiently before cleaning.

Step 2:     Remove the food bins, the front panels and the reversible dry/moist inserts.

Step 3:     Wipe down the internal of the warmer with a damp, not wet, soft cloth.  Avoid any liquid or moisture entering the air outlet or inlet openings.

Step 4:     Clean the removable front panels and reversible dry/moist inserts with a soft cloth, dampened with warm soapy water.  Do not use abrasive cleaning material on the dry/moist reversible inserts as this may remove the printed position indicators.

Step 5:     Install reversible dry/moist inserts and the removable front panels.

CAUTION:  Do not flood the Equipment with cleaning fluids, water or other liquids.  Do not allow any fluids to enter the Equipment through the air inlet or air outlet port. It will damage the Equipment. 

Tested, approved and listed by ETL as per UL 197, NSF 4 and CSA 22.2

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