OPERATOR'S MANUAL Extension Cord Instructions

Make sure that an extension cord has the capacity to handle the current the Equipment will draw.  An undersized extension cord will cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in overheating and loss of power.  The minimum recommended American Wire Gauge (A.W.G.) for an electric cord up to 6’ is 18 AWG and 16 AWG for electrical cord length over 6’.  Consult with extension cord manufacturer before use.  Only round jacketed cords listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) shall be used.  Before using any extension cord, inspect it for loose or exposed wires and cut or worn insulation. Do not attempt to modify the electric plug or electric cord in any way.

WARNING:  Keep the extension cord clear of the working area.  Position the electric cord so that it will not get caught on other equipment or interfere in work space.  Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury.

WARNING:  Check extension cords before each use.  If damaged, replace immediately.  Never use Equipment with a damaged cord since touching the damaged area could cause electrical shock resulting in serious injury.

Tested, approved and listed by ETL as per UL 197, NSF 4 and CSA 22.2

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