OPERATOR'S MANUAL Operating Instructions

The Meister Cook Hot Hold® Dry Moist Food Warmer was designed to provide extended holding time for various food items with a combination of hot convection air from the air outlet port and radiant heat from the bottom of the warmer.  The convection air flow volume and velocity as well as the radiant air temperature has been optimized.  Different food items may require different food holding temperatures that needs to be tested and then programmed into the program controls.



Step 1:     Verify that all dry/moist inserts are installed properly.  Each horizontal level must have both dry/moist inserts installed in either the dry  or the moist configuration.

Step 2:     Verify that both front panels are installed.

Step 3:     Verify that all food pans are installed properly.

Step 4:     After unpacking, allow the unit to acclimate to room temperature before starting.

Step 5:     Turn power rocker switch to the ON position. “I” = ON, “O” = OFF.

Step 6:     Verify that the correct food item is selected on control display

Step 7:     Allow for a 35-minute preheat.


Note:        The adjustable temperature set point range is 160°F – 220°F.

Note:        The left bin temperature setting controls the temperature of the entire horizontal row.

Note:        For optimal performance and energy efficiency, all food pans should be installed. Exceptions include adding food product to pans, removing food product from pans when speeding up system cool-down time.

WARNING:  Do not use any attachments or accessories not recommended by Meister Cook. The use of attachments or accessories not recommended by Meister Cook can result in serious personal injury or death.

Tested, approved and listed by ETL as per UL 197, NSF 4 and CSA 22.2

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